Challenges being faced by domestic workers…

As country is going through a tough time domestic workers are in the front line to be neglected. These workers are losing their jobs first whenever lockdown begins, there are many challenges to face , who have still not fully recovered from the impact of last year. They’re unable to pay rent or buy ration. So they have only option to lend money but many have to lend from privet lenders as this time interst rate is high it’s again become a burden.  

 As they are being called super spreader of Covid, they are prohibited from work. And no-one giving them work because of the continuity of lockdown.   If by God’s grace they are getting some work by government (only labourers) they are being forced to test Covid , for which they have to stay hungry for some days as the testing charges are high. So government or private medicals must have a scheme for them for free testing. And as they don’t have smartphones and they can’t register themselves for vaccination, so a door step vaccination program would be better for them.

And as some states are starting relief schemes , it would be better if center would come with a helping hand for them both ration card and non ration card domestic workers. From the government there must be a community kitchen and tiffin centers. And one of the most important thing special education program for their children as they can’t afford online education.

Apprehensions regarding vaccination and it’s reality..

The major concern is that vaccination may cause death in some cases as deaths were reported during early phase vaccination.

But this is not true as a national committee on adverse events following immunization has reported only miniscule number of cases with clotting and bleeding after the injection of AstraZeneca which is 0.61 per million jabs.

And secondly vaccines are not effective and infections occurre even after the first or second dose.

However data from ICMR suggests that only 0.13 percent of Covaxin administered people got infected and 0.7 percent for AstraZeneca injected.

Another myth in case of adults that it can hamper fertility, which is baseless and a misconception as no such case has ever been reported anywhere.

Review of Man’s Search for Meaning – Victor E-Frankl

A must read book written by Victor E-Frankl from his own experience. We can say it’s an analysis of  Mind when you are yet to face the darkest moment of your life. 

He has divided this book into two common peculiarities –

1st part about his experience of prisoner life , that the most menacing period of life. Where he gotta read hopeless lives , those have completely lost their meaning of life. And described how you can get meaning of life in your crusial period of life.

And the second part is about logotherapy  which was used by him to get meaning in suffering. 

I recommend everyone this book and surely someone will be no longer same after reading this. Have a good read.

Society is looking to the crematorium workers with scornful eyes…

In this article author highlighted some major points regarding scornful with the profession of Dom and dalit casts by our society. These people are the ones who stand at the burning pyre for the last journey of the dead inspite of not knowing them. But they have no designation.

In this pandemic and also before they have been handling all the unsafe work in village and town with no hesitation. For many years, it was unpaid beggar with the dead person’s clothes as the remuneration. Urban municipalities use them as lowly paid municipal workers. And it’s a unsafe and unwanted profession which has been created by caste system. And also despite of splashing the news and images of Covid cremations in India , nobody has spared a thought for the poor, wretched and hopeless crematorium workers.

It seems worthless to the government. They have also a life . And they also deserve a life of dignity.

Crude oil prices are falling !!!

The price of Brent crude oil has fallen from $70 per barrel to $63 per barrel in early March as it’s dropping in exigency due to new travel restrictions to combat a revival in Covid-19 .

OPEC+ decided to increase crude oil production which offered a fall in crude oil prices.

And also announced total crude oil production by the group of countries is yet to rise by 1.1 million barrels per day by July.

US crude oil production capacity has recovered from 9.7 million to 11 million barrels per day after abnormally cold weather in February.

So it yet to see it’s impact on fuel prices.

Before the flood: Review

    An initiative step by Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio is to show us repercussions of climate change by this movie.   They used this media to show us the current scenario of earth because of global warming. Who watched this movie can get idea that the North pole is going to melted completely by recent future. 

   All the conversation of Leonardo DiCaprio with the politicians, climatologists, and locals is menacing but informative and factual.     

     We need to raise awareness for urgent action. Because we still have hope. It’s time to take part in the journey to save Earth .      

  As you saw Leonardo DiCaprio was experiencing a rapid change in daily temperature because of snow melting and the locals had never seen anything like it. And in which rate the Glacier is melting it’s predicted to disappear within a few years.   

Anyway it’s an important topic we need to discuss and aware about. I recommend everyone just watch this movie once and you can get ideas about climate changing. Most dangerous thing we are going to face which we should not ignore.

Review : The Little Prince

A must read and worthwhile book not only for a 8 year old but also for a 38 year old. This book can show you a perfect path for a worthful life.    

In this book the boy’s lifestory teaches how a frustrated grown up can affect a child’s imagination.   For a complete adult , you must think once you were also a child. If you sacrificed your aim, or any grown ups affected  or destroyed your imagination then don’t be a evil for a kid’s imagination. Try to be a perfect guide for them. And we need to focus about their perfect lifestyle and with what they’re looking for. If you have a worst past or childhood then try to be a light bearer for the kids and don’t let them face the problem that you had faced to sacrifice your dreams.    

 And then I need to discuss the best part of life is to judge ourselves , hardest thing in this world. But if you can do it life won’t be worse anymore.    One moral of life I wanna clarify , when it comes about worthliving we must be 1st priority in our life.   

Really a best and must read book with beautiful thoughts I wanna recommend everyone to read once and try to apply what you learn in your little prince or princess life. Antoine de Saint Exupéry nailed it.

Banking Sector is Getting Privatized!!! What’s Your Opinion

Against this privatization employees of nine public sector banking unions have gone on a two days strike on 15th March 2021. Regardless of whatever they might think the fact of matter is, like airline and telecom , the banking sector is already getting privatized.

In budget speech , Finance minister Nirmal Sitharaman had already announced that two public sector banks other than IDBI will be privatized.

If we talk about loan that the lending carried out by PSBs as a proportion of overall has been steadily decrease i.e which was 75.12% now it’s 57.31% in September 2020.

And what’s about deposits?

The proportion of banking diposits with PSBs touched high peak i.e 74.76% in March 2012 which is decreased to 62.18% in September 2020.

No matter what , when it comes to deposit PSBs are more faithful for public.

But as PSBs struggled with huge amount of loans it’s getting increasingly privatized , whatever PSB unions might think, govt. not gonna be responsible for it.

Ascending Tendency Of Women in The Field of Business and Philanthropy

Benevolent venture by Indian business families are increasingly being led by women.

Fortunately society is changing ; women are playing an important role for social impact .

In India many leading business foundations are led by women . And also they are playing an indispensable role in deploying the philanthropic capital of their families or companies.

As you know Roshni Nadar Malhotra of HCL technologies is the richest Indian woman with networth ₹54,850 crores according to Kotak Wealth Hurun Leading Wealthy Women list 2020. Also on the top in Hurun India’s Philanthropy list. (Source : Mint)

Then Rajashree Birla, Rohini Nilekani, Nisaba Godrej also closely involved in their family business but equally involved in philanthropy.

Kiran Majumdar Shaw of Biocon manages her own foundation for cancer prevention and treatment.

We can consider women’s philanthropy has deep roots in India. They have made notable benefaction to social progress.

Basically in business world women are most successful.

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