Challenges being faced by domestic workers…

As country is going through a tough time domestic workers are in the front line to be neglected. These workers are losing their jobs first whenever lockdown begins, there are many challenges to face , who have still not fully recovered from the impact of last year. They’re unable to pay rent or buy ration. So they have only option to lend money but many have to lend from privet lenders as this time interst rate is high it’s again become a burden.  

 As they are being called super spreader of Covid, they are prohibited from work. And no-one giving them work because of the continuity of lockdown.   If by God’s grace they are getting some work by government (only labourers) they are being forced to test Covid , for which they have to stay hungry for some days as the testing charges are high. So government or private medicals must have a scheme for them for free testing. And as they don’t have smartphones and they can’t register themselves for vaccination, so a door step vaccination program would be better for them.

And as some states are starting relief schemes , it would be better if center would come with a helping hand for them both ration card and non ration card domestic workers. From the government there must be a community kitchen and tiffin centers. And one of the most important thing special education program for their children as they can’t afford online education.

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