Society is looking to the crematorium workers with scornful eyes…

In this article author highlighted some major points regarding scornful with the profession of Dom and dalit casts by our society. These people are the ones who stand at the burning pyre for the last journey of the dead inspite of not knowing them. But they have no designation.

In this pandemic and also before they have been handling all the unsafe work in village and town with no hesitation. For many years, it was unpaid beggar with the dead person’s clothes as the remuneration. Urban municipalities use them as lowly paid municipal workers. And it’s a unsafe and unwanted profession which has been created by caste system. And also despite of splashing the news and images of Covid cremations in India , nobody has spared a thought for the poor, wretched and hopeless crematorium workers.

It seems worthless to the government. They have also a life . And they also deserve a life of dignity.

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