Before the flood: Review

    An initiative step by Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio is to show us repercussions of climate change by this movie.   They used this media to show us the current scenario of earth because of global warming. Who watched this movie can get idea that the North pole is going to melted completely by recent future. 

   All the conversation of Leonardo DiCaprio with the politicians, climatologists, and locals is menacing but informative and factual.     

     We need to raise awareness for urgent action. Because we still have hope. It’s time to take part in the journey to save Earth .      

  As you saw Leonardo DiCaprio was experiencing a rapid change in daily temperature because of snow melting and the locals had never seen anything like it. And in which rate the Glacier is melting it’s predicted to disappear within a few years.   

Anyway it’s an important topic we need to discuss and aware about. I recommend everyone just watch this movie once and you can get ideas about climate changing. Most dangerous thing we are going to face which we should not ignore.

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