Review : The Little Prince

A must read and worthwhile book not only for a 8 year old but also for a 38 year old. This book can show you a perfect path for a worthful life.    

In this book the boy’s lifestory teaches how a frustrated grown up can affect a child’s imagination.   For a complete adult , you must think once you were also a child. If you sacrificed your aim, or any grown ups affected  or destroyed your imagination then don’t be a evil for a kid’s imagination. Try to be a perfect guide for them. And we need to focus about their perfect lifestyle and with what they’re looking for. If you have a worst past or childhood then try to be a light bearer for the kids and don’t let them face the problem that you had faced to sacrifice your dreams.    

 And then I need to discuss the best part of life is to judge ourselves , hardest thing in this world. But if you can do it life won’t be worse anymore.    One moral of life I wanna clarify , when it comes about worthliving we must be 1st priority in our life.   

Really a best and must read book with beautiful thoughts I wanna recommend everyone to read once and try to apply what you learn in your little prince or princess life. Antoine de Saint Exupéry nailed it.

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